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On your holiday,learn powerful ancient yoga in Boracay Island with ease.

 Need to de-stress?

Recharge yourself- physically and spiritually, I have  attached videos from Isha Foundation for you to learn ancient powerful yoga whilst in Boracay Island.

Upa Yoga and Isha Kriya(energy) are being practiced by millions around the world as it is very easy and yet very potent, if you're tired from your trip, it will revive you instantly, this is also my experience.

Isha Foundation was founded by Sadhguru a realised mystic and a yogi, an enlightened Master, a visionary and a prolific author  who embodies the wisdom and clarity of profound realisation.

Sadhguru teaches technology to empower us, in order to continue to blossom during our lives and to experience dimension beyond this physicality.

This technology has touched millions of lives around the world.

Yoga "is union.... it's not turning and churning"

... that which render you to your higher possibilities is Yoga.

 "Yoga" means "union".What is you,me,this,that-everything has become one in your experience" -Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a realised yogi, mystic,visionary, an author and opinion maker who is regularly invited to speak at leading international forums like World Peace Summit at the United Nations, World Economic Forum. Spoken at many prestigious global conferences like TEDx and universities.

"Sadhguru's insights into the the mechanisms of life are an outcome of his profound experience of the Self, and serve as a guide to exploring the deeper dimensions of life"-Sadhguru

Sadhguru's scientific methods for self-transformation have universal appeal,since he belongs to no particular tradition and he incorporates aspects of yogic sciences into his teachings and practices that are most relevant for our daily life.

Meaning of Sadhguru

 "When someone comes from their scholarship, they are referred to in different ways. If someone comes from an inner experience, they are referred to as Sadhguru. The word “Sadhguru” is not a title. It is a description. Sadhguru means “uneducated Guru.” I am almost hundred percent spiritually uneducated. I don’t know any scriptures, I have not read the Vedas and I didn’t bother to read the Bhagavad Gita." - SADHGURU

Sadhguru answered this question profoundly:

"If you know this piece of life, you know everything that is worth knowing in this cosmos, because the whole cosmic nature has happened only the way this piece of life has happened. You don’t have to go about searching the whole cosmos to know the mysteries of the universe. If you look inward and know this piece of life from A to Z, you know life in every possible way. I am about life, I am not about heaven. It is not a popular thing to say, but I believe that the whole effort of the Guru should be to help a seeker deepen his seeking, not to give him answers".

Sadhguru continues... "If a human being says “I don’t know something,” then the possibility of knowing is open in his life. If he believes he knows something that he does not know, he is a mess. If I give you the answers, the only option you have is to either believe me or disbelieve me. If you believe, you don’t get any closer to finding answers to your seeking. If you don’t believe me, you aren’t getting closer either. All you will have is an interesting story that I told you, which you can tell others who in turn will tell others and it will continue to be distorted and add to all those distorted stories that have been going around for years and have messed up people’s lives so badly. So, if you are looking for the Vedas or scholarly knowledge, this is not the place. If you are looking for a method to know your ultimate nature, this is the place".

Demystifying Yoga

An excerpt from Sadhguru's blog

Sadhguru: Everywhere in the world, heaven and hell have been marketed to bring control over human societies. When they did not know how to control individual human beings or groups of people, they came up with an idea, “If I cannot punish you now, we will get you there. For all the goodness that you are showing, if we are not able to reward you here, then there.” 

But if truth is anything other than the reality of existence, it would not be worth going there. When we chant “Asathoma Sadhgamaya,” it means the journey from untruth to truth. This is not really a journey. The word “journey,” gives an impression that there is a distance to be covered. There is no distance to be covered. Knowing is not far away because what you need to know is not sitting on top of the mountain, it is within.

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Pineal gland and YOGA

As there is medical physiology, there is a whole yogic physiology. One aspect of yogic physiology that aligns in some way with modern neurosciences has to do with the pineal gland. This gland was always recognized as being associated with the agna chakra. Today, neuroscientists say that the secretions of the pineal gland control and moderate one’s moods and experiences. If you have a very stable and sufficient pineal secretion, having a pleasant mood within yourself is not a problem.

My favourite Yoga in Boracay Island 

Learn powerful ancient yoga whilst on holiday in Boracay island- Upa Yoga and Isha kriya will recharge yourself- physically and spiritually for sure!
Enjoy Isha Kriya and UPA Yoga in Boracay.

Please watch this video on the Danger of Improper Yoga

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Learn powerful ancient yoga whilst on holiday in Boracay island. Upa Yoga and isha kriya will recharge you for sure! Enjoy Boracay Island  and don't forget to have a tee-off at the golf course!


Sadhguru's  book: InnerEngineering -A Yogi's Guide to Joy is The New York Times bestseller!