Vaccination Recommendations before travelling to Philippines are the following:





Vaccination recommendations for tetanus, you need a booster dose if you have received tetanus shot or vaccination  more than 10 years. 

For Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccination recommendations: Ask your Doctor if you need further blood tests for Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B.

  • Vaccination recommendations for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B is advised in all durations of stay.  With Hepatitis B, if you might be exposed to blood products or have sexual contact with the local population with Hepatitis B,  seek advise from your doctor.
  • Vaccination recommendations for Typhoid is particularly important in all duration of your stay because of the presence of S.typhi strains resistant to multiple antibiotics. See Traveller's food tips.

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Malaria prophylaxis

Boracay Island, Philippines

  • Malaria prophylaxis is needed if you're travelling to other islands like Palawan,Sulu (Jolo), Tawi-tawi, other parts of Mindanao and Luzon, it is present in rural areas below 600 metres.
  • If you're coming from a country with risk of yellow fever (YFV) including transit in an airport located in a country with yellow fever risk of transmission, a yellow fever certificate is required.
  • Vaccination recommendations for Japanese Encephalitis is needed if you plan to visit rural areas for 4 weeks or more except for special circumstances such as outbreak of Japanese encephalitis.
  • Rabies.  If you're exposed to wild or domesticated animals you need  Rabies vaccination on all duration of stay. If bitten by a dog either provoke or unprovoked, please consult the local doctor in Boracay.

World Health Organisation Report

(as of 20 February 2015)

Suspected cases of measles were 58,010 including 21,420 confirmed cases. In 2014 there were 110 deaths  from measles in the Philippines.

Insect -borne diseases like dengue, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis and plague may also occur .

You can prevent this diseases by protecting yourself against insect bites. 

To avoid schistosomiasis do not swim in fresh water (except in well-chlorinated swimming pools). Boracay island has a good and well -chlorinated swimming pool if you opt not to swim in the sea.

Be careful driving motor bikes in Boracay although locals are not wearing helmets I encourage you to wear it. 

Do not drink when you're driving or do not drive when you're drunk. A tricycle, e-trike or a van is always available in Boracay. 

Walk and drive defensively.


Boracay D' Talipapa

(Boracay Market)

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