Ilig-iligan Boracay Beach


5.Ilig-iligan Boracay Beach is known for its coves and caves, it is a quaint beach located at the north-east coast of Boracay Island. Although the beach is secluded and away from tourists the road is accessible by motorbike, bicycle or hiking, its a perfect place for a picnic after snorkelling ( there are interesting marine life can be found underwater)!

Heading to Ilig-iligan on your right you can see the first beach it's privately owned, to reach the shore you need to swim along the cliff but extra..extra careful the water is deep! You can walk on the second beach.

Heading to your left is the Lapuz-Lapuz Beach where Fairways & Bluewater Newscoast Boracay Golf Resort is located.

It is also a place for bush hiking to spot the fruit bats chilling out on the trees. Local guides can take you to the bat caves however, this north end part of the beach is only accessible by motorboats during "habagat" season from from July to October. At times, tides can be calmer from November to March ask your local guide for more info. There is no western lifestyle amenities offered in this part of the island but there are toilets and they charged you 20 pesos for it. Visitors are encouraged to keep the place pristine and clean, as a reminder, take the rubbish with you if you're leaving the area.

Bushes in Paradise