Foreign  exchange in Boracay Island

Travelling to Boracay Island is a breeze. Philippine peso is the official  currency in Boracay Island.

Money exchange is not difficult in Boracay Island. US Dollar is the best currency to bring however, Boracay Island accept  other currencies from Australia (AUD), Canada, Europe, UK followed by regional currencies such as New Taiwan Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, South Korean Won (KRW) and China Yuan Renminbi (CNY or RMB). 

Restaurants and hotel accepts Mastercard and Visa payment.

Mastercard and Visa are accepted in Paradise on Earth,Boracay Island
Make Money in Boracay Island

There are local foreign exchanges operating in Boracay Island. Please be guided with the exchange rate below:

XE Personal Currency Assistant

OFX International Money Transfer

Fast transfer. Efficient service. Great Rates

Make money from Bitcoin In Boracay Island

Important dates to watch for the Market based on Astronomical position of the planets and moon.

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(Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise)

30 August 2017 -Market down (DOW,SPI, Nasdaq FTSE)

01 September 17- Market is very RED->Down

05 September 2017 -Market CODE RED+++->DOWN

15 September 2017 Wheat,grain, agriculture Up

18 to 26 September 2017 Gold up up

26/09/17 DOW up

28 September 2017 Market Down

06/10/17 More confusion "moaning of Man" public security at stakes

06to 09/10/17- What a GOLD rush!!!!

09/10/17 Market is up happy days

13/10/17 Grain and agriculture Up

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White Beach, Boracay Island

At D'Mall White Beach, Boracay Island,  ATMs are available with transaction limits of ₱10,000 per withdrawal and ₱20,000 maximum per day.  Please be aware that on weekends and extended holidays it  is common for machines to run out of cash.

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Boracay Island,Philippines


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