Traveller's Food Tips

There are few precautions that can help you minimise having health issues whilst overseas. Water and food borne diseases are preventable if you pay extra attention to the food and drinks you consume. Below are the tips that might help:

  • Before preparing  or eating food, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water if not available, use hand -sanitising solution or gel.
  • Drink only sealed bottled water or packaged beverages. Tap water is not safe for drinking. If you want to drink a young coconut juice, keep eye on the food handler making sure that they are opening the coconut using a clean knife and always use a new unused straw.
  • Generally avoid ice in your drinks. There are good and safe  ice supply in Boracay. Hotels and resorts in Boracay uses bottled water and uses ice only from a good and safety source.
  • Avoid milk and milk products sold in the street. You can enjoy hot chocolates or you coffee in McDonalds or Starbucks coffee. Hotels and resorts has a good supply of milk and dairy products locally or from overseas.
  • When eating fruits make sure you peel it yourself and wash it with bottled water.

Additional food tips for travellers to Boracay Island

  • Cook or boil vegetables. Salads serves in the hotel and resorts are safe in Boracay from my experience.
  • Do not eat undercooked meat products (beef,pork,chicken) particularly pork as it has a risk of harbouring a parasitic infection -trichinosis.
  • Dessert should be baked and freshly eaten.
  • Avoid eating shellfish as this might cause Hepatitis A infection. This can also be a source of poisonous biotoxins.
  • Avoid eating carnivorous reef fish as it may contain toxins "ciguatera" that causes serious gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms.
  • Avoid eating street foods that has been exposed to flies. In Boracay you can go to a fish market, buy fresh foods there and have it cook in a local cafe nearby, they will serve it to you still hot and yummy!

Watch the video below how Kate Ceberano , hacked the market and enjoyed her lunch!

What a great food tips for travellers to Boracay Island indeed!

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