Bulabog Boracay Beach Surfers Paradise a place for bombing and blasting the waters...

Boracay Beach...

Bulabog Boracay Beach is a place for water sports and fun!

2. Bulabog Boracay Beach is located at the east side of Boracay Island, this is the surfer's paradise, amateur and professionals alike chase this spot to enjoy the strong wind  from November to April. It's fun to watch the skies with the kitesurfer abrasively bombing and blasting whilst jumping across the water! You can learn this sports here on this spot! There are several good classes and  friendly teachers here to teach you conquer the wind.. Happy kitesurfing!!!

Kite Surfing...Boracay Island
Kite surfing Boracay Island

Escape,Enjoy and be free! FEEL the exhilarating wind and kite surfing in Boracay Island, Philippines! 

Boracay Talipapa

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