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Boracay beaches is famous around the world for its spectacular and unique powdery white sand. Ever wonder why? Here's the evidence....

powdery white sand

There are several beaches around Boracay island.... if you have an  adventurous spirit within you, you need to explore the following Boracay beaches:

1. Baling-hai Boracay beach is an absolute hidden gem, a secret romantic getaway, it has it's serene beauty, now it's no longer a secret! This beach resort is located in the northern part of Boracay island. Built in a limestone cliff and the cozy cottages are scattered on the top of the cliff facing a pristine and intimate cove. Try dining on the beach, right next to the cool crystal water and barefoot on the powdery white sand....Perfect!

2. Bulabog Boracay Beach is located at the east side of Boracay Island, this is the surfer's paradise, amateur and professionals alike chase this spot to enjoy the strong wind  from November to April. It's fun to watch the skies with the kitesurfer abrasively blasting and jumping across the water! You can learn this sports here in this spot!

Corals and Pebbles

3. Cagban Boracay beach.  This is  also known as the beach port of the island. Believed to be a good hunting place for lost treasures hidden in the surrounding caves or buried in the sand. If you're looking for solitude and relaxation away from the madness- this beach is for you!

4.Diniwid Boracay beach. This beach is located at the north end of the most famous Boracay's  White beach,  it's about  (200metres)15 -minute "cake walk" in a cliffside trail with one of the best views of the sun and the island.

Turquoise crystal clear water

5.Ilig-iligan Boracay Beach is known for its coves and caves, it is a quaint beach located at the north-east coast of Boracay Island. Although the beach is secluded and away from tourists the road is accessible by motorbike, bicycle or hiking, its a perfect place for a picnic after snorkelling ( there are interesting marine life can be found underwater)!

Heading to Ilig-iligan on your right you can see the first beach it's privately owned, to reach the shore you need to swim along the cliff but extra..extra careful the water is deep! You can walk on the second beach.

It is also a place for bush hiking to spot the fruit bats chilling out on the trees. Local guides can take you to the bat caves however, this north end part of the beach is only accessible by motorboats during "habagat" season from from July to October. At times, tides can be calmer from November to March ask your local guide for more info. There is no western lifestyle amenities offered in this part of the island but there are toilets and they charged you 20 pesos for it. Visitors are encouraged to keep the place pristine and clean, as a reminder, take the rubbish with you if you're leaving the area.

Bushes in Paradise

6.Manoc-Manoc Boracay beach is located in the southern-end of Boracay island.This is where the sea action and witness the windsurfers and kitesurfer racing through the winds and waves.

If you love scuba diving, don't miss the sea in this area of the island as its marine life is full of diverse,vibrant and interesting life in a  colourful reef.

In addition, enjoy the scenic view of the hills and the mountains of the island as well as the opposite shore of Caticlan. 

7. Puka beach. Relatively uninhabited and the only sound you can hear is a soothing gentle waves kissing the white sands however, it's becoming popular.

The beach has a  white powdery sand mixed with tiny white corals and small puka shell thus the name - the gorgeous Puka beach! It covers half of the northern tip of the island and the beach is about 800 metres long, the second longest in the island! I suggest you rent a "banka"(motorised boat with outrigger made of bamboo) to enjoy  the scenery, have a swim and buy some authentic puka shells for a souvenir.

8. Punta Bunga beach and Banyugan. This is a private beach owned by Shang-rila hotel. I was able to access this area in the island and enjoyed my stay there.

Private beach
Private Beach

9. Tulubhan Beach and Tambisaan Beach, Boracay. Tulubhan is located south of Bulabog beach. There are lots of coconut trees and bushes with bamboo houses of local residents. Mingle and have a chat with the friendly locals here.

Tambisaan is by far  the beach with most marine life, it's so ecstatically alive down there! My choice for snorkelling here...Let me know if you have any place to suggest in Boracay island for snorkelling.

Morning walk at Southern most part of Bulabog Beach

10. The famous White beach of Boracay island.This is the most famous beach in Boracay. White beach stretches 4km long and 100 metres wide. This is like the CBD area of the island and a cultural melting pot. Restaurants, resorts, nightlife parties, music and dancing, sunrise, sunset, white powder - soft sand and turquoise water are all here in the front beach. Popular activities here during the day are kayaking, skimboarding, wading, sailing, snorkelling, swimming, glass bottom boat, the fast banana boat ride criss- crossing the water and a relaxing massage at the beach -you can see all this happening!

White beach is divided into 3 stations, station 1,2 and 3. Each stations has it's own characteristics and forte. If you like crowd and the vibrant noise - station 2 and 3 is the heart of the party and action. If you like tranquility and solitude station 1 is your best option.

Mind you the beach can be crowded at times especially from the month of March to May.

White Beach across Starbucks coffee